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At the Black Women Lead Virtual Town Hall event hosted by the All In Together organization, I had an opportunity to bring attention to how companies are failing to include Black women. Then, I gave guidance on the types of intentional steps companies must take to make Black women feel included and valued, but also to help them grow.

Watch the video or read my comments below.

“The first step is to acknowledge that this is going on. A lot of times we want to turn a blind eye or say that they weren’t the right fit, but we…

Today we are in conversation with Dr. John H. Stewart, IV, MD, MBA, an advanced researcher, strategist, and clinician. He is the founding director of the Louisiana State university — Louisiana Children’s Medical Cancer Center. He is a strong advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine. He has received various teaching and mentorship awards for his work with underrepresented students in medicine.

John, you have been a great advocate of diversity, inclusion and equity in healthcare. What are some of the challenges of inequities in healthcare today, on a global scale?

“I think that our challenges around equity and…

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Jamie Covello is recognized as a leader in the real estate industry. She has 30+ years of experience, expertise, and insights, most recently as Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield. She joined Avison Young as Executive Director in 2017.

I am meeting with her to find out what motivated her to move to Avison Young and to see where her focus is right now.

We sit in a light-filled boardroom with panoramic views of Manhattan as Jamie explains her motivation: “I wanted a more entrepreneurial environment. The beauty of Avison Young is that it’s a principal-owned company. They don’t have fiefdoms…

My journey with the Black Corporate Board Readiness Program, part 2 of 4 — Merritt McKenzie

Recently, I began sharing my journey with the Black Corporate Board Readiness (BCBR) Program at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business. In part 1 of this series, I shared my decision-making process in starting the program, as well as the impressive founders and advisory council. In part 2, I’ll discuss a brief program overview; my personal and professional growth through the program; my reflections; and the sense of community created by the BCBR Program.


The BCBR Program has a very organic…

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During the past two years, online shopping has benefitted the world greatly. It allowed us to buy products safely when going to the store was considered a health risk. Even before the pandemic, we heard rumors that in-person retail was dying. One would think that the pandemic would exacerbate that prediction, but studies are showing that this is not the case. Brands are working diligently to provide their in-person customers with an experience they cannot replicate online.

Wunderman Thompson’s ‘The Future Shopper Report 2021’, survey concluded that, “ 64% of global consumers prefer to shop with brands that offer both…

In 1919, Afghan women became eligible to vote before many other nations. The first girls’ school was opened in 1921 and the 1964 constitution guaranteed rights and equality for all. The darkness of the 1990s saw light again a decade later. We cannot let the dusk of today become the dank of night again.

The clock is ticking very loudly these days in Kabul. The gauntlet to get to the airport and possible freedom cost at least 183 lives in one split second this week.

And women are finding even their first hopeful steps to freedom cut short by acts…

I recently read an article, Why Company Culture Is Important for Your Business, by Empire Resume. As a global leader with a comprehensive understanding of how culture impacts people, company, and industry decision making processes, this article resonated with me.

My 25+ years of corporate experience has enabled me to gain expertise in the development and execution of winning strategies that have allowed businesses to scale profitably. An important aspect of those strategies is the company culture: promoting leadership and productivity, and focusing on individual employee development. …

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In every family there are conflicts. Some conflicts are overcome quickly, while others turn into years-long grudges. When you own a family business, the stakes of family conflict are much higher. Disputes in your family can lead to issues in your business and therefore greater conflicts overall. To be successful in your family and your family business, you must practice the art of forgiveness. It requires interpersonal skills and willingness but can be accomplished.

At Continuity Family Business Consulting, we devised a short guide on forgiveness:

“It’s very common for members of family owned businesses to become bogged down in…

Elon Musk and China have raised alarms about bitcoin using too much energy and not being a sustainable entity. In response, North American bitcoin miners are gathering data on energy consumption and the energy sources for the power generation they use. They hope to use this data to show that they are “green”. But what is really “green”?

I contend that there are different shades of green; from dark to light green, to yellow, brown and black shades of green, all depending on their environmental benefit or detriment.

First are truly green scenarios. These would include bitcoin miners located on…

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AllianceBernstein recently published an article, Is Your Portfolio Prepared for Inflation?

“It’s been a long time since investors have had to worry about inflation. But a strong economic rebound from the pandemic could trigger higher inflation, requiring investors to think about portfolio adjustments and to reconsider some asset classes shunned over the last decade.”

The article highlights three great strategies for investors building portfolios with potential inflationary shocks on the horizon:

  1. Own real assets such a real estate; REITs are a great alternative here.

“Real assets, with their value tied to underlying physical assets, have historically performed well in rising…

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