The surge of top-level concern about information technology (IT) can be explained in two words: governance and compliance. The past few years have delivered corporate leaders two rude awakenings about information and the technology that enables its production.

The first is that boards of directors and executives are being held to higher standards than ever before. They are expected to be well-informed and knowledgeable about what’s happening in the enterprises they oversee and manage, and they’re being held more accountable for surprises and setbacks, frauds and failures.

What’s more, executives and boards must oversee compliance with a plethora of legal…

By Christopher J. O’Connor, Founding Partner, The Bayard Group, Inc.

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When vital provisions that were difficult (if not impossible) to obtain through normal channels made global headlines during the COVID-19 outbreak, the strategic importance of the healthcare supply chain finally got the attention it had long deserved. Supply chain is hospitals’ second highest cost center, exceeded only by labor costs. This is worth repeating… It is the SECOND highest cost center! In order to achieve the innovations that are essential to putting successful recovery plans into action, the time has come for hospitals and health systems to recognize the necessity…

As you perhaps know, 2500 years ago, give or take, a Chinese philosopher-General named Sun Tzu allegedly wrote a book called The Art of War. I say allegedly because there’s no proof that he actually wrote it. Nevertheless, it’s a book much beloved by Wall Street people, business school professors, military colleges, generals of the army, CEOs who fancy themselves generals, and a whole cottage industry of motivational speakers.

I have to say that I am not a big fan of the Sun Tzu philosophy of life. I find the idea that one should live one’s business life in a…

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Being entrepreneurial within a larger organization! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We are in conversation with Millie Tan to understand how she brings forth holistic thinking and an expertise in marketing to drive business. Her experiences working with Polaroid are unique and profitable due to her proactive, action oriented initiatives.

Millie, you have exemplified the meaning of intrapreneur. Your entrepreneurial activities have been within large corporations, often working on new projects that are contrary to internal stakeholders’ views of the company. You possess the unique skill-set of being able to successfully incorporate both these perspectives and bring…

A business-led digital transformation journey.

Key takeaways:

• Our transformation journey will be incomplete if the supply chain does not own the customer experience

• It’s critical to understand where true supply chain costs are hidden and how to improve the supply chain to serve customer’s better — otherwise your profitable customers could subsidize your other customers

• Without addressing governance and performance management, behaviors will not truly change — it’s true what they say, culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Ignorance is a choice. Here is a list of popular international news websites:

Yahoo! News Google News HuffingtonPost CNN

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every facet of life for all human beings. Our environments have changed, and our relationships have been put at risk. Karen Walker Johnson of Centene Corporation ensured that her company took action to prevent employee shortcomings and strive to keep the company’s community spirit alive. Karen speaks on the specific changes her company implemented to address these issues.

“Our teams faced numerous challenges with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. …

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With the advent of a wide array of digital technologies driving massive opportunities for value for organizations, many Boards are struggling with how to provide oversight to those efforts. These technologies (artificial intelligence, cognitive and machine learning, blockchain, etc.) provide huge potential in a variety of areas in enabling new business value, improving customer experience, and driving efficiency and safety. In addition, the arrival of these tools is also enabling new competitors to enter traditional markets and push out those who are not investing appropriately.

Many organizations and leadership teams struggle with how to drive these transformational efforts. In some…


I wanted to share the article I just published for Manufacturing Day, traditionally held on the first Friday of October hence this year — Friday October 2nd. This will be Manufacturing Day’s 8th year and something Industry Today has long supported.

The recurring theme, which comes across in the article is nothing new — the skills gap and the need for talent. …

“First of all, there can be no ‘one size fits all’ ideology. One has to look at what your overall strategy is. From there on, it’s important to see what role talent plays in your organization. Moving forward, all of the aforementioned have got to be played out in strategic conversations.

“I am going to go out on a limb here and say something which may be considered very radical. I think we are all too hung up on retention. Not just retention itself, but also measuring retention. Retention is a lagging indicator. No company would have a problem with…

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It’s been said that if everyone looks the same and has the same background, then they also have the same blind spots. With an inclusive approach — one that values and actively seeks a diverse workforce — organizations can expand their vision and deepen their impact.

Seeing the bigger picture

On the cusp of International Women’s Day, March 8, we’re reminded of what so many businesses have come to understand. A more balanced workforce of men and women, and the diverse backgrounds and opinions that brings, leads to a more productive and cohesive team.

The ability of a business to…

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A point of view is the angle of considering things. It’s a platform for people with a vision and a story to tell.

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