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Point of View
1 min readFeb 14, 2020
Anna Gudmundson

I have a background in exponential tech, I was born into an artistic family, and I have a passion for anything from quantum physics to Middle East history, psychology, cutting edge sciences and enjoying life…

Professionally I am very strategic and commercially minded, I love companies pushing the boundaries of technology, combined with great design and a genuine care for and interest in the user (and the world).

Senior tech business leader in the international high-growth scene; passionate about the opportunities enabled by AI [Artificial Intelligence]. Extensive experience in growing businesses, identifying opportunities and creating new revenue streams, with successful results.

Commercial and strategic; focused on delivering the bigger picture while finding unique solutions in complex environments. 360 degree understanding of technology business, particularly strong at identifying trends and opportunities, developing culture and establishing “a better way”.

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Point of View

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