North American Sponsor of the Year 2012 : Hochtief, Featuring — Anne Rabin

Anne Hird Rabin — a high caliber, results-driven, infrastructure industry leader was featured in a case study conducted by IJGlobal. The case study focuses on Hochtief, a German construction company. As former senior vice president at Hochtief PPP Solutions GmbH, Anne shared interesting insights on the topic.

Click here to read the original article or read an excerpt below.

“In the US we dont have the interest of the banks in doing long-term funding beyond a small group says Anne Rabin, senior vice-president at Hochtief PPP. So for the bank financing, we look at it more in relation to construction and milestone payments, and for the long-term funding, most of the projects rely on a TIFIA loan, which provides fixed-rate, low-rate funding and crucially theres also no negative carry.”



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