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3 min readDec 16, 2020

Anne Rabin is a US municipal and project finance executive with 35+ years of experience in public-private partnerships. Through the course of her career she has earned recognition for closing various award winning projects. She has undertaken many first-of-a-kind projects which have benefitted from her versatile perspective. Having worked for and represented lenders, construction companies, public agencies and so on, she brings forth solutions which are acceptable to parties around the table.

Today Anne is sharing one of the most impactful projects of her career, the LAX Automated People Mover Project.

Your work has been instrumental in many award winning projects — the Yankee Stadium, 1st P3 project in the USA and the Automated People Mover at LAX. Can you tell us about any one of these projects in detail? The obstacles faced, what leadership skills you had to apply, lessons learnt etc.

“I have been fortunate to work on exciting and transformative projects — one of which was the LAX Automated People Mover project. This was not only the largest contract the City of LA had ever procured, but perhaps the most impactful one in my career.

“Prior to COVID, 88 million passengers and 60,000 workers moved through LAX annually. Circulation problems around the airport were untenable. The decision by the Mayor and the Board of Airport Commission to deliver this project as a public-private partnership made a great deal of sense as there were critical schedule and service considerations.

“It was essential for Los Angeles to be reflective of their multi-cultural city in all phases of this project. There were significant contractual requirements to ensure participation by local, disadvantaged, minority-owned and women-owned businesses. Further, if this goal was not achieved, financial penalties would be imposed.

“Part of my role on the Equity Steering Committee was to ensure that our team came up with a robust plan to score highest for the City’s policy requirements. There are many facets of committing to inclusion over a long term horizon such as community outreach, workshops, training and investing in workforce development, and still maintaining competitive pricing and profitability.

“I am proud to say our team won the contract and scored highest for providing meaningful education and employment. In my board role for the Project Company, I monitored the inclusion program, which was effectively initiated by requiring monthly reporting of key metrics and attending workshops and events, all essential to our efforts.”

Sounds like an interesting project, Anne.

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