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3 min readApr 16, 2024


Anouk Pappers — Brand Anthropologist

The Global Marketing Summit, held in Istanbul, Turkey, was a groundbreaking speaker event which illuminated the essence of marketing and leadership in the contemporary landscape. With a virtual turnout of 60,000 participants from 6 continents, 143 countries, and 1047 cities, this summit broke records and set a new standard for global engagement in the marketing sector.

What made this summit particularly remarkable was not just its scale, but its commitment to sustainability. It proudly bore the title of being the summit with the lowest carbon footprint. Moreover, it marked a pivotal moment as the first global brand emerging from Turkey in the Marketing and Meeting sector, signifying the country’s growing influence in the international arena. As part of the Summit, I was delighted to take part in a fireside chat with August Leadership’s Umran Beba.

During our conversation about the essence of identity and expression in the digital age, we delved into the universal need for cultivating a strong and distinct online presence. Emphasizing the foundational role that branding plays, we discussed how personal brands articulate what we stand for, what we believe in, what we want to bring to the table, and what we want to achieve. Personal branding is not static but evolutionary — a dynamic process of self-discovery and refinement. As individuals, we must continuously assess and articulate our unique value propositions, the key differentiators that set us apart from the crowd. Whether we are addressing hiring managers, executive professionals, or potential clients, our personal brand serves as a conduit for conveying our essence and expertise. It facilitates informed decisions and meaningful engagements.

There are six dimensions that encapsulate a brand’s essence — a comprehensive framework for self-assessment and articulation. Each serve as a cornerstone in building a cohesive and authentic personal brand. As a Brand Anthropologist, I underscore the importance of aligning one’s personal brand with their purpose and contribution to society. This transcends mere professional pursuits to embody a larger ethos of impact and resonance.

The power of personal branding lies in its practical utility and in its ability to elevate one’s sense of self and purpose. It transcends industries and borders. It provides individuals with the language and framework to articulate their identities and aspirations, leading to a journey of self-advancement and expression.

Personal branding is about what we do, who we are, and what we stand for. In embracing its power, we set ourselves apart from our competitors. By showcasing our full potential, we unlock the opportunity to have a more meaningful impact on the world stage.

A brand anthropologist who has been storytelling for brands since 2002, Anouk Pappers has interviewed over 1,000 CEOs, CMOs and business owners and published 15 books. Anouk’s primary focus is on working with women and diverse leaders to define their personal brands and pinpoint their narrative. Her company, Signitt, enables people to align their online presence with their personal brand, as well as with their organization’s values and mission. This positions them to achieve their next professional goal while at the same time enhancing their company’s image.

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