Passion with a Purpose — Ashley Johnson

It is said that no business can be successful if the society around them fails. Ashley Johnson — communications artist and freelance contractor, is driven to work with organizations who couple passion, with purpose. Ashley works closely with start-ups and smaller businesses, helping them toward building momentum and telling their story.

We are in an on ongoing conversation with Ashley, to learn more about her professional experiences and views on the dynamic industry she is a part of.

Read part 2 of the conversation below.

As a communications artist, you previously shared that your next goal is to work with or for an organization with a purpose. What ‘purpose’ or ‘cause’ are you passionate about and why do you think that an organization should have a purpose?

“What matters to me is for who I work to have an aim to better the lives of others.Corporate social responsibility and the Nonprofit sector is an important factor for me. Early on in my career after pivoting from music, the passion and focus of being a force for change in the world is what drew me to the Nonprofit sector. I knew then I would not be happy working for a place that is driven solely for the hunger of profit without greater meaning. I am glad I went with my gut feeling! Whether it is a company that gives back 1:1 on something that they are passionate about or a for-profit that strives to connect with organizations outside of their company and collectively give back or any given nonprofit organization, these speak to me because these have connection and soul. They are aware of the world we live in and they strive to make a positive difference. I have genuinely enjoyed every place I’ve worked with in the past. Their missions spoke to me. I particularly enjoyed working in the Arts and Entrepreneurial Education spaces. I have seen incredible impact and innovation being created in those sectors and it has been exciting to be a part of. But I wouldn’t say no to other interesting opportunities that are intellectually stimulating and help lift up another!”

This is so true Ashley, giving back is so important. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.



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