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2 min readMar 1, 2021
The Institute for Responsible Citizenship
The Institute for Responsible Citizenship

The Institute for Responsible Citizenship is an organization founded by Dr. Bill Keyes to encourage and foster African American male talent. The institute carries out an intensive program for 12 of the brightest college students in the country and gives them the knowledge and means to reach their fullest potentials. This program is helping to bring the countries future leaders to fruition.

The institute describes who the types of people in their programs are:

“The Institute selects scholars from all over the United States. They have a wide variety of interests and represent small liberal arts colleges, large universities, Ivy League institutions, and historically Black colleges and universities. Our alumni have been accepted to all of the nation’s top law schools and many of the nation’s leading graduate programs. Today, they are teachers, ordained ministers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and rising stars at Fortune 500 companies. All of them are engaged in public and community service.”

The organization also has strong core beliefs. Working together and uplifting one another is one of the many values the institute is based on.

“The Institute’s primary goal is to inspire and equip the nation’s best and brightest.

“African American men to use their extraordinary talents to serve others.

“Men With The Greatest Potential Should Be Challenged To Pursue The Highest Achievement.

“Men Who Work Hard To Achieve Academic Success Should Be Recognized And Rewarded.

“Men Who Strive To Make A Difference Can Have A Greater Impact By Working Together.

“Men Who Are Destined For Leadership Should Understand Fundamental Economic And Constitutional Principles.

“Men Of Character Should Be Encouraged To Pursue Success As A Platform For Service To Their Communities, Our Nation, And The World.”

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