The Hidden Perils - and Potential - of Shared Family-Owned Real Estate - Blair Trippe
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Blair Trippe — a strategic and thoughtful pragmatist, is a public speaker, author, and advisor to enterprising families. Her professional background as a strategic manager complements her experience working with families. This constellation of experience and skills enable her to build stronger familial and working relationships for her clients. Blair was featured in an article published by Continuity Family Business Consulting The Hidden Perils — and Potential — of Shared Family- Owned Real Estate.

The article discusses how to manage unique challneges for future success, how poor performance can be hidden in plain sight, and how a forgiving market doesn’t fuel the entrepreneurial fire.

“Managing real estate is an ongoing but slow-motion process,” says Blair Trippe, managing partner at Continuity Family Business Consulting. “It’s an ocean liner, not a speed boat. Failure to actively manage it and do long-term planning can be disastrous. You cannot make a quick correction.”

You can read the original article here.

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