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3 min readJun 24, 2024


Tara J. Agen

CannesLIONS was this past week in June. As I reflect on not being there due to airline mechanical failures, I loved seeing this celebration of bold and brave creative work, and the elevation of our creative industry as real problem solvers. It got me excited, again, for my next chapter as an artist, and art student.

Creation is a timeless conversation between me, as an artist, and the universe, including the virtual universe that mountains of data are creating. Somewhere between myself, my paintbrush/digital pen and this collective data consciousness, I am super excited to be a part of how human spirit will continue to solve boundless problems with capacities of expression.

At its essence, creation creates conversation and community. Ideas with emotions, and energies are artistic to me. I believe this is why I could sustain a thirty-year career in a company that was always out-innovating itself while creating customer connections and solutions that made a difference.

Creativity is a dialogue that transcends language and culture, connecting hearts and minds, and does so across space and time. Through the act of creation, artists enter into a dynamic exchange with the world around them, shaping and reshaping reality with every brushstroke, chord, word and image. Creativity is at its best within a community, not as a standalone activity. I believe many people think creators and artists ‘standalone’ in the ideation process.

However, I have experienced the benefit of collective creation embraced by group determination to problem solve. Transcending the boundaries of the individual self and in the act of creation, artists tap into a collective reservoir of creativity — a shared wellspring of inspiration that flows through all living beings. It is a reminder that we are not separate, isolated entities, but interconnected threads in the fabric of existence, each contributing to the unfolding story of what problem is being solved or what opportunity is being elevated.

Creation is not merely an individual endeavor, it’s a shared journey. Let us embrace the opportunity to listen, to learn, and to co-create a world that reflects the beauty and wonder of our shared humanity.

Tara J. Agen is a future-focused, creative collaborator with a 360-degree problem-solving perspective. Having led huge business transformations and driven growth for years, Tara is an inspirational expert at guiding strategy from inception through execution as well as attracting, developing, and retaining talent. A holistic communicator who creates win-win situations, Tara is an optimist.




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