Deconstructing Conflict - Blair Trippe & Doug Baumoel

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Deconstructing Conflict draws upon more than fifteen years of experience in which Blair Trippe and Doug Baumoel have helped scores of enterprising families navigate the challenges of owning and managing together as family. Based upon their groundbreaking methodology known as “The Conflict Equation,” the book presents foundational concepts to help you deconstruct conflict into its component parts to make it manageable. Understand:

  • Why conflict is built into the family business system
  • The three reasons that underlie all conflict
  • What triggers lead to active conflict
  • Ways to approach managing conflict over time

“Cutting-edge Thinking to Help Family Business Stakeholders and Their Advisors Achieve Generational Success in Family Enterprise.”

Book authors Doug Baumoel and Blair Trippe are partners at Continuity Family Business Consulting, a leading family business consulting firm that provides comprehensive strategies to help families manage inherent conflict in family enterprise.

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