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2 min readJan 16, 2020

Beauty — a term so dynamic and open to interpretation across the globe, yet one thing remains consistent — its desire. Having spent the last two decades of my professional life marketing, innovating and reinventing the customer experience for numerous global beauty brands, I have come to gain a wealth of valuable knowledge about the industry.

Having begun my career at Intercosmetics, my initiation into the beauty industry was fast paced. Working as a liaison with counterparts in France, Germany and Japan allowed me the unique opportunity of understanding the industry on an international level. My intrigue with foreign countries didn’t end there, which is why till today I am aiming to act on an international level.

My hard work, attention to detail and relationship management skills allowed me to grow professionally, and network successfully along the way. My next major milestone was working at one of the world’s most renowned companies — L’Oréal. Having gained a diverse experience under the larger umbrella of L’Oréal marketing, I was active in several jobs as Vice President and Marketing Director. My time here allowed me to polish my leadership skills and gain a better understanding of the global landscape of the beauty business.

My current role as the President and CEO at Serucell Corporation has allowed me to continue doing what I love. I love working with the extraordinary doctors and scientists who have created Serucell…and continue to create groundbreaking products. I thrive when developing and working in concert with all the marketing disciplines to watch products come to life and see consumers experience something new and exciting.

Looking ahead, I strive to take Serucell to the global playing field, would love to interact more with the next generations and keep up with the rapidly evolving industry. I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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