Elicia Pegues Spearman Celebrates her Fellow Sorority Sister in Office

Elicia Pegues Spearman- Quinnipiac University (Picture by Paul Bass)
Elicia Pegues Spearman- Quinnipiac University (Picture by Paul Bass)

On November 8th, Elicia and 40 Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters celebrated the momentous victory of Kamala Harris as the first Black woman Vice President of the United States. This was an achievement not only for her and Alpha Kappa Alpha, but for women of color across the world.

Elicia’s mother, who accompanied her in the celebration, grew up in Jim Crow Virginia in times where the U.S. did not see Black people as equal, and kept Blacks and whites separate. She was able to live through both sides of the spectrum: from being considered ‘less than’ to being in power. This incredible success proved that our country can move forward to create an equal and safe place for all.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters were actively involved in the election by working against voter suppression and conducting phone-banking in many swing states.

The women joyfully preformed their sister stroll ‘Set it Off’ and said prayers.

They acknowledged while this is a big step, their work is not done. Elicia and her sorority pledged to keep up their activist work to further improve the United States and continue the fight against racism.

This is just the beginning.

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