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Ellen Leikind — PokerDivas
Ellen Leikind - PokerDivas

The Dealer
As a senior executive, holding an MBA in marketing, I have extensive experience in product launches, rebranding, and repositioning products in the health and beauty arena at both Fortune 500 and smaller organizations.

Queen of hearts
Over the years I developed a keen interest in diversity initiatives. Through personal experience I saw how women and other minorities, despite hard work, remain at a disadvantage. I earned a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University. My understanding of business, and passion for inclusive networking energized me to create programs that help women (and men) fuel professional growth and advancement in a unique format.

A seat at the table
My entrepreneurial spirit and passion for impactful change led me to create PokerDivas. The goal is to share with women how using poker strategies can help them win in all areas of their life by being bold, taking action and getting what they want and helping others do the same.

PokerDivas specializes in corporate team building events and Women’s and Diversity programs centering on strategies to improve negotiation skills, leadership, communication, and organizational culture. I firmly believe that success at the conference table is greatly enhanced by the skills learned at the poker table.

Going all-in
Attending a PokerDivas program or one of my Keynote Presentations offers the perfect opportunity if you want to sharpen your game or gain more personal power. Clients describe the program as exciting, thought-provoking and fun.

Cards on the table
I’m open to partnership opportunities with other motivated individuals who share my passion for promoting diversity and inclusion and empowering women. The goal is to grow and scale this business together, so that many more women (and men) can benefit from applying the strategies of the PokerDivas program.

I’m a proud native New Yorker who loves traveling and I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like.

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