‘How to be anti-racist’ - Maarten Schafer

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Shift your mindset

Becoming anti-racist starts with shifting your own mindset. This means, for example, that when you have a prejudiced or racist thought, you hold that thought and reassess it before acting it out.

Speak up in your own circles

The most important thing a white ally can do [is] fight our battles when there are no people of color around.
The problem is that too many people claim to fight against the system, but do not speak out against prejudice and racism when there are no people of color around.

Educate yourself about racism

It’s time to start reading about race. Tatum’s book can explain why black students find relief in hanging out together amid all the racism they experience at school. Harvey’s book can help parents of white children talk to their children about race and racism.

Learn about microaggressions

Some white people know that to become anti-racist, they must start to listen and brush up on the history of racism in their countries.



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