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3 min readJun 10, 2022
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Many companies are now becoming aware of the fact that the process of transforming digitally is not easy. I recently read an article on Analytics Insight, How to Accelerate Digital Transformation which discusses what companies need to look for if they want to speed up the process of digital transformation.

Focus on customer experience

Companies should prioritize customers as a part of their digital transformation. How the users feel about their experience during their purchase should be taken into primary consideration. Research shows that customer-friendly companies are more successful and gain more profit as compared to other companies who choose to give importance to other aspects.

Evaluate the support of your company’s technology

The next step for companies in their process of digital transformation is to evaluate how much their technology can support it. There are numerous factors that have to be considered like partnerships of the company, the technology and data being used for interacting with customers. There can be many challenges in this process which are specific to each company that should be kept in mind without compromising on the priorities of the company and other important investments.

Companies should consider four factors to speed up digital transformation.

Key Considerations:

a) Be clear

Organizations need to be clear about how they want to implement the process of digital transformation and take it forward. Timeline for the processes, how technologies should be modified and the details of the plan should be clear.

b) Be agile

Companies should have the ability to respond when market conditions change. One way to do this is to shift your systems to cloud. Another advantage of this is that new solutions and ideas can be made simple for the future success of companies.

c) Be resilient

It is essential for companies to be resilient to make current and future processes stronger to become successful in the future to avoid major damages during crisis. If this is not doable, organizations must be prepared to identify the problem quickly and solve it in a short period of time to be safe.

d) Be simple

Simplicity can help companies to move forward in digital transformation while understanding what ways to move forward in. It is best to know what elements are ineffective and may continue to create a problem in the future even with updated technology.

Secure your company’s future through Digital Transformation

In simple words, the more consumer-centric your company is, the more benefit you will get because consumers will prefer to buy your products and use your services. I feel that companies that prepare themselves for digital transformation with clear processes in mind will successfully achieve it as opposed to those who struggle to plan for this change. Being prepared for digital transformation will benefit the companies monetarily and satisfy customers’ needs.



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