HR on the Frontline of Corporate Response to George Floyd — Donna M. Hughes

Donna Hughes

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis triggered a civil rights moment that has forced businesses to evaluate their company culture. Donna M. Hughes was featured in a podcast Today’s Workplace with Ashley Ridgeway-Washington, to discuss how HR is on the frontline of corporate response to George Floyd.

Donna focuses on developing the next generation of leaders, which adds to improving business performance and talent management. She has previously worked with Fortune 500 companies in talent acquisition, workforce management and human resource strategy.

Donna drives business growth by seeing things through a ‘people lens’. She has led global HR programs across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Her responsibilities include HR, talent management, learning, and development, compensation and benefits administration, and employee relations.

About Donna M. Hughes: Donna is a human resources executive leader, attorney, and leadership coach with 25 years of experience in various industries. Donna uses her diverse background to drive transformative business solutions. Her legal knowledge aids her in driving business objectives that are clear and considerate of risk management. Donna applies the principles of servant leadership and coaches individuals and teams to reach their highest potential. She is committed to supporting the underserved through her volunteerism and is passionate about coaching the next generation of business and community leaders.




A point of view is the angle of considering things. It’s a platform for people with a vision and a story to tell.

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Point of View

Point of View

A point of view is the angle of considering things. It’s a platform for people with a vision and a story to tell.

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