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4 min readNov 29, 2022
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According to Gartner Group’s Human Resources Initiatives 2023 report, the top trends for the coming year are: leader and manager effectiveness, change management, employee experience, recruiting, and future of work initiatives. This comes as no surprise. Over the past twenty years, I have focused on helping organizations implement people-first talent practices in order to build strong global companies. During most — if not all — of that time, these “upcoming trends” have been top of mind.

In an interview with Bay Area Women Magazine I was asked to share some of my experiences in developing innovative HR strategies, as well as advice for employers and job searchers. Here are a few highlights:

“I knew I wanted to pursue a career in human resources so I could have a positive impact on people’s lives by improving employee welfare. With my leadership experience working at start-ups, as well as high-growth technology companies, I thought I would be able to bring a unique perspective to Globalization Partners. I love our focus on bringing the dreams to the dreamers. I knew the company’s mission of democratizing access to global opportunities aligned with my own life purpose and vision as an HR professional.”

“To maintain a remote workplace culture, employers need to establish an environment in which every team member feels connected. This can be challenging to do in the age of global remote work, and different time zones and cultures can often make team building difficult. The key is to build relationships with each individual employee and encourage them to actively participate. Employees who are treated with trust and respect will be more engaged with the organization. Though it may be tempting, companies should avoid over monitoring remote-working employees as it hinders productivity and morale.”

“I would encourage all job searchers to attend as many networking events in their area as possible. Networking is a crucial part of any career professional; however, it is especially important for those who are new to the country and looking to break into certain industries. LinkedIn is also a vital tool for those new to the U.S. and looking for work. Make sure your profile is fully up-to-date with your skills and experiences, as the social media platform has become a go-to tool for recruiters.”

“Don’t ever feel the need to be fully prepared to take on your next assignment or a role at the next level. Trust yourself, learn along the way, network fearlessly, surround yourself with supportive people (yes there are many…you just need to ask), and take the leap with every opportunity you generate.”

“There is no such thing as work-life balance. There is only work-life integration. Sometimes work fits into life and other times life fits into work. Having a supportive team around me and a supportive partner and family goes a long way for me.”

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About Richa Gupta: For the last two decades, Richa has helped organizations create and unlock their Talent practices, build strong global companies with a purpose and high-performing teams, curate workplaces for talent to thrive, and develop strong and empathetic leadership muscle. As Chief Human Resource Officer at Globalization Partners, she is leading all facets of their global workforce, while playing a key strategic role in scaling the company and culture to meet the surging demands of remote work across the globe.



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