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3 min readFeb 11, 2021
Jacopo D’Alessandris — President and CEO of E-Alternative Solutions
Jacopo D’Alessandris — President and CEO of E-Alternative Solutions

Jacopo D’Alessandris is an innovative growth leader who emphasizes the importance of good customer service in any organization. Due to his experience in management at consumer goods companies, he has identified the importance of optimizing a customer’s experience as a key factor in success.

He was interviewed by Tyler Gallagher of Authority Magazine to discuss his top 5 pieces of advice to create a company culture that values and maximizes customer experience.

“Culture starts at the top: you cannot ask your organization to be consumer centric if you do not spend time doing it as well. Share positive (or negative) consumer stories, praise customer service individuals that go above and beyond, read website reviews and listen in on customer service calls.

“Let your customers and vendors know how important this is for you. Many times, a poor customer experience can happen in a store that you don’t control, but it ultimately results in a negative connotation for your brand. It is important to work proactively with your retailers and vendors to make sure that the voice of the consumer is heard across the value chain.

“Reward those who go above and beyond, even if they are not part of your organization. At the height of the pandemic, we decided to launch a program called “Essential Retail Community Champions”, and have awarded hundreds of gift cards to the essential retail workers that kept their communities going during the pandemic and did it with a smile on their faces!

“Be transparent and multiply the options for consumers and customers to provide feedback. I am shocked to see that some large institutions do not have a simple feedback loop, such as chat function or a simple 1–800 number for customers to call. Sometimes people just want to feel they are being heard and want to help you succeed. Negative or positive, feedback is always good.

“Educate your shareholders about the long-term power of customer experience: use board meetings and other shareholder meetings to present how you are learning from negative experiences and building on positive ones. It will help educate your leadership to stay focused on the long term and avoid short term shortcuts that can damage positive word of mouth.”

You can read the full article below.

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