Skincare from the Inside Out — in Conversation with Jennifer Hessel

Increased awareness about the quality of skin products, treatments, and grooming has rapidly boosted the skincare industry worldwide. Today, I am in conversation with Jennifer Hessel, CEO and President of Serucell — a unique skincare product that harnesses the power of cellular communication to naturally rejuvenate skin. We discuss on a regular basis what is happening; at Serucell in particular and in the beauty industry in general.

Jennifer, what will give Serucell a competitive advantage?

“We like to keep it simple. We provide customers with a single solution which delivers results and offers a minimalistic skincare routine. For customers wanting to minimize their routine, we offer a one-step effective solution. For those who are looking to enhance their age defying routine, Serucell is the perfect addition. It’s really the best of both worlds.

“Serucell addresses both the dermal and epidermal challenges of the skin as we age. It targets firmness, lines and wrinkles at the dermis level and naturally improves dryness, smoothness, tone and texture at the epidermis level. In other words, we support the look andfeel of your skin. Our consumers begin to see a difference at the epidermis level in 2–4 weeks and the dermis level at 6–8 weeks.

“At Serucell, we are a passionate team with the ability to innovate, think out of the box, make quick decisions and execute with speed. We developed revolutionary, multi-patented technology that produces our proprietary KFS ingredient with over 1500 natural proteins. When used regularly, our product supports a natural reboot of your overall skin health and rejuvenates — from the inside out. This sets us apart.”



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