From “One-time User” to “Lifelong Customer” in Conversation with — Jennifer Hessel

It is often said, “invest in your skin, it will last you a lifetime”. Today I am in conversation with a leading skincare expert, Jennifer Hessel, CEO and President of Serucell. Serucell is a unique skincare product that harnesses the power of cellular communication to naturally rejuvenate skin. I look forward to learning more about Serucell and its customers during my interview with Jennifer.

How are you planning to keep your current customers? Do you also rely on current customers to grow your customer base?

“In today’s world, consumer demand is ushering in a new wave of skin care, promising advanced science, safety and efficacy — we provide all the aforementioned at Serucell.

“Serucell has a high loyalty factor amongst consumers, stemming from the results they see in the mirror every day. We will be launching new products to expand their Serucell skincare regimen, whilst sticking to our minimalistic profile. We have created a community which is inclusive and offers special promotions through brand collaborations, special payment options with subscription, and pay over time.

“Our customers care deeply about the brand because they see results in their skin with consistent usage. We offer a connection and personalization of our brand through Serucell Societe and atelier. These features allow us to communicate directly with women who are looking to age gracefully by using products and services that will deliver results.”

Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. It was interesting to know more about your company.



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