Julie Roehm in conversation with Lori Heino-Royer

Julie Roehm

Julie Roehm: “With me today, I have Lori Heino-Royer, who is a CPA and an MBA and the Director of Business Innovation in the project management office for Daimler Trucks. I just thought that combination of all those letters is super impressive. She started her career as a certified public accountant, providing her with a great foundation for understanding how decisions impact the bottom line. She realized that she was more interested in delivering financial results than accounting for them. I feel you on that.”

“So she then developed and ran Daimler Truck North America’s first internal incubator. Lori led the initial team who developed and implemented the first version of a DTNA sales iPad app, which sounds super techie. Lori is skilled and passionate about telling stories and uncovering insights with data and providing actionable recommendations.”

“Currently, she spends her time at Daimler doing business development in the connected and autonomous space, very happening spot at the CES. There’s a lot of activity there on that, I know. She is a BiTA, Blockchain in Transport Alliance board member and a PSU, Portland State University alumni associate board member. In 2014, Lori received Portland Business Journal’s Women of Influence Orchid Award. In 2015, she received the Manufacturing Institute’s STEP Ahead Award for women in manufacturing. So, it is with great pleasure that I have somebody with your distinguished background and a fellow auto person join me…”

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Julie Roehm in conversation with Lori Heino-Royer

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