Staying Patient Focused Pays Off — Karen Boykin-Towns

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2 min readSep 15, 2020
Karen Boykin-Towns

Karen Boykin-Towns — Vice Chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors and CEO of Encore Strategies, was featured in African-American Career World — The Diversity Employement Magazine.

Boykin-Towns spoke about how staying patient-focused worked for her career. She also went on to elaborate about how her background in government and politics spurred her to build a successful career in corporate affairs.

Read some interesting excerpts from the article below.

“At a young age working with my local state senator, I was given an enormous amount of responsibility ranging from drafting legislation to troubleshooting constituent issues to managing a variety of communications,” details Boykin-Towns. That taught her about listening, managing multiple projects, interacting with senior leaders, providing strategic counsel, being solution-oriented and the value of relationships.”

“My work has also taught me to be pragmatic and challenge people in positive ways to ensure the best ideas and strategies are advanced,” says Boykin-Towns, who’s been at New York, NY-based Pfizer for more than 21 years in a variety of corporate affairs leadership roles. “Healthcare is complex, and interactions between biopharmaceutical companies and various stakeholders will continue to evolve with the emergence of new decision-makers with greater scrutiny of medicine value,” she indicates. “Further…demonstrating patient-centricity has never been more important.” That’s why staying patientfocused is key for Boykin-Towns.”

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