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Payviders have emerged as a transformative force in the healthcare landscape. This innovative concept represents a paradigm shift, where organizations take on dual roles: that of a payer and a service provider. By seamlessly integrating the financial aspects of insurance with the delivery of medical services, payviders aim to streamline the patient experience, enhance care coordination, and potentially drive down costs. This opening of new avenues for collaboration between two previously distinct domains has the potential to reshape how healthcare is accessed, delivered, and managed, ushering in an era of increased efficiency and patient-centricity.

During an AHIP session focused on the evolving landscape of payviders, my fellow panelists and I had the opportunity to delineate the contours of our roles and how this shift is transforming the industry. Below are a few highlights from our conversation.

“As Chief Marketing Officer of Kaiser Permanente, I have the privilege to orchestrate the narrative surrounding our enterprise and communicate our distinctive value proposition to both corporate stakeholders and consumer segments, all within the expansive embrace of the payvider model. This framework encompasses the concepts of control, convergence and collaboration, embodying a holistic approach to patient wellbeing and care. This integrated care results in superior experiences, lower costs and better outcomes. That forms the basis of every marketing plan I write.”

“There is an opportunity in the healthcare industry to be hyper-focused on the end to end experiences we provide so that we can engage at every point of the critical moments of care, from prevention to provider care and then to homecare.”

“We’ve been a leader in digital transformation healthcare for quite some time. Now there is a proliferation of point solutions that if strung together can look very much like our integrated model. As the head of marketing, I think a lot about how to differentiate ourselves from these verticals. It’s a complex scenario for a consumer and for an employer to figure out which is the the right solution for them. My job is to clarify that as a payvider we can do it all.”

“Because of the integration of our data and systems we’re able to have seamless care and administrative experiences. When I got the flu — even though I had received the flu shot — I was able to schedule my appointment, get my meds, have my summary, and know whether I owed a copay within a few minutes. As a patient, member, and employee, this value proposition is extremely important because of the convenience of getting everything in one place; not having to overcome the barriers of separate systems talking to each other. Going forward, there is the opportunity to use AI to have care plans and outcomes even faster.”

“We’re selling to employer groups and consumers, and we have to deliver outstanding patient experiences, so we discuss these journeys often. How do we make sure that our data and the outcomes we’re delivering are transparent to our customers? Do they prefer a digital or physical environment, or something in between? How do you lead them through the process? We need to be very mindful about all interactions and opportunities for personalization. Our ability to make things simple, personalized and contextually relevant is really the name of the game.”

“Competition breeds innovation and healthcare is completely unaffordable. Together we can drive down the costs of drugs, innovate virtual care, and work towards achieving health equity. Competition is good.”

“What we haven’t talked about it is our ability to build trust with the consumers and employers that we serve. In our model, we share data, are transparent and help deliver outcomes and value. If you have a serious condition we can help guide you from getting the diagnosis all the way through care. It’s an interesting time to be in health care. At the end of the day, it’s about how we can get better health outcomes for all the communities we serve.”

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Kristy LoRusso is a strong advocate for marketing integration and growth through innovation with more than 25 years of leadership experience. Well regarded for her ability to build, lead, and motivate teams, she is a senior marketing executive and an expert in digital and direct marketing, marketing technology, big data, analytics, and consumer insight. As an agent for positive change and advocate for collaboration, Kristy is a creator of sustainable growth and empowerment for those around her. Her degree in psychology aids her in understanding human behavior — as a marketer, a leader and a corporate spokesperson.

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