Try, Transform and Transcend with Lina Vella Bryant

Healing Heart Method: A unique model which provides structured guidance and various coaching classes that retrain the brain through physical, emotional, and spiritual healing modalities. The healing heart method has been providing one-on-one coaching for several years. They have recently added group coaching classes along with online support and chat groups.

Today, Lina Vella Bryant — Founder and CEO of Healing Heart Method gives us a unique insight on what Healing Heart Method has to offer.

“At Healing Heart Method we offer a 4-week course which will connect you to your true purpose. Everyone can do it, you just have to trust, try, transform and transcend. Healing Heart Method brings forward the connection between your breath, mind and body. You are taught how to identify your pain points and realign your thought process. We want clients to discover the light within “themselves to” reignite “their” power for higher good. By the end of the program, one should be able to release old patterns and shift paradigms. Further, clients are able to grasp the relation of our somatic and parasympathetic nervous system to our bodies. They gain control over their systems and learn how to regulate cortisol and stress levels. Clients are able to understand the fundamentals of yoga, breathe work, and meditation and how all the above connect to their overall mental state and mind. Healing Heart Method has shown to be effective and help clients reach their true potential.”

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A point of view is the angle of considering things. It’s a platform for people with a vision and a story to tell.

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Point of View

Point of View

A point of view is the angle of considering things. It’s a platform for people with a vision and a story to tell.

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