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3 min readJun 23, 2022

The trendiest collaboration of this Summer between Finnish design company, Marimekko and New York-based accessories brand, Mansur Gavriel launched a capsule collection of playful handbags that is plastered with Marimekko’s vibrant prints and colors signature. “Two standout patterns designed by Maija Isola and Annika Rimala in the ’60s are splashed onto Mansur Gavriel’s bestselling silhouettes including the Beach Tote and Bucket Bag.” Together, the two brands collaborated to design a joyful and playful collection that brings out the essence of summer that never leaves your side.

The collaboration between Marimekko and Mansur Gavriel was created in an effort to showcase their dedication to the art of timeless design. This five-piece limited-edition collection celebrates the joy of the strawberry, marrying the bold sweetness of Marimekko’s prints printed on Mansur Gavriel’s iconic silhouettes. The collection features the strawberry as its theme, which is the shape of a heart, an icon of happiness, a symbol of summer, and a spark of inspiration. The five limited edition collection consists of a large tote ($395), a small tote ($355), a mini bucket ($455), mini mini bucket ($395), and a pouch ($195).

“We are both long-time fans of Marimekko. Rachel has a degree in textile design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and studied abroad at the Danmarks Designskole her junior year, focusing on the history of Scandinavian textile design, as well as creating original textile prints while there. It is very exciting to create a product with an influential brand that we both admire. We are strong colorists, and we love how color is a dominant element in both Marimekko and Mansur Gavriel. Both brands look to nature as inspiration, and have a minimal, graphic approach to playfulness.” (hypebae)

“We’ve always wanted to challenge the notion that something needs to be neutral in order to be timeless,” (WWD)

Staying consistent with the essence of Marimekko, the bags display bold prints and colors. “Armi Ratia was a female entrepreneur with a strong, cohesive vision. “The Mansur Gavriel capsule follows suit with Mansikkavuoret, a strawberry mountain print dreamt up by Maija Isola, and Suomo, Annika Rimala’s cheeky interpretation of fish scales, adding a touch of whimsy to two structured totes, two bucket bags and a handy zip-pouch. Each is made of water-resistant cotton canvas printed at the Marimekko factory in Helsinki.” (WWD)

The common passion to embrace summer with bold, playful colors and handcrafted bags in Mansur Gavriel’s Italian factory that reflects individuality resulted in the collaboration of this collection. Being part of this collaboration and seeing it come to fruition has truly advocated my beliefs in expansion, innovation, and progress.

​​You can read the hypebae article here and the WWD article here.



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