Creating a Pipeline for Diverse CEOs — Nelda J. Connors

Nelda Janine Connors — Pine Grove Holdings

Nelda J. Connors — Founder & CEO at Pine Grove Holdings LLC, and Public Company Director was recently a panelist at Boards and Business Diversity: Actionable Ways to be Better Than Before. She discusses the importance of allowing C-Suite members to obtain experience as board members.

Watch what Nelda said in the video, or read excerpts below.

“If you’re looking at really developing all of your C-Suite executives, not only the diverse ones, I think allowing them at least one board role as part of their development is good. This not only gets them ready for being a better board member and understanding their role as an executive, but you are also creating another pipeline for diverse CEOs.

“There are studies out there that say once an executive does experience on a board, they know what it is to work with a board and become a better CEO. So that would be something I very much encourage.

“If you are a C-Suite executive, and you’re thinking about board service, but you’re not thinking about retiring or quitting just yet, this is another way of developing yourself. I think that more boards should be thinking about that in the terms of re-development and in the terms of retention of their C-Suite executives by allowing them board experience.”

Nelda J. Connors — Pine Grove Holdings
Automotive Hall of Fame honors Nelda J Connors as industry influencer
Nelda J Connors — Pine Grove Holdings
Nelda J Connors — Pine Grove Holdings



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