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3 min readApr 25, 2020
Nic Di Iorio — NeoDev
Nic Di Iorio — NeoDev

Technology — it’s omnipresent in today’s world, it touches everything. There are two ways to look at Technology: tech as a support function, which is perceived as a cost directly linked to the optimization of operations, and indirectly linked to the generation of money; and, tech as a product, which directly generates money. Nic’s career has given him broad experience in both, making him an all-round partner for start-ups, fast-growing tech companies and (public and private) boards that are acknowledging the need for tech expertise to stay competitive and current.

Thinking Outside The Box

During my tenure at several global companies, I’ve built large expert teams that have been operational around the world. Tech may be universal, cultures are always to be taken into consideration when building teams. From conceptualization to delivery, my background helped to provide technology-based services and products internationally.

My professional footprint spans across four continents. A history of building globally distributed organizations bringing successful new technology-based product and service innovations to market that accelerated and transformed the way companies can do business.

The concept of City24/7, founded in 2007, the precursor of the current LinkNYC was an innovation well ahead of its time that suffered the headwinds of the 2008 economic downturn.

Driving Innovation

Innovation comes with vision, and vision is about understanding what the future can bring. Driving innovation means identifying the north star and start moving towards it while nimbly adjusting along the path.

I’ve collaborated with individuals, companies and organizations to deploy leading-edge SaaS technologies, techniques, and methodologies that streamline and systemize internal and external processes and procedures.

As an active board member at several privately held companies and organizations and as a Mentor at Columbia University, immersing myself in meaningful projects and contributing to mission-based companies throughout the world is always a top priority.

Looking Forward

In my profession, it’s crucial to be guided by the issues that are coming our way, not by the issues that are here — then you’re too late.

NeoDev Technologies has been founded to support early growth stage companies so that they can focus their internal teams 100% on their core mission of what is coming and we’ll take care of the ‘rest’ of the distractions. Our success is inextricably linked to our clients’ success.

We focus on creative business acceleration practices that support the growing needs for talent, affordability and individuality.

Pursuing excellence in all of my endeavors, I firmly believe that you have to play at the highest level, set the loftiest goals, and then execute your part in the plan.

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