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3 min readOct 13, 2021
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There’s a cycle that’s as true for business as it is for agriculture. In order to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you must focus first on sowing the seeds that will provide you with success. Do the planning, lay the groundwork, cultivate the soil, plant the seeds, and then patiently wait for it…

I recently spoke on this idea on my podcast Women Thriving in Business, read below some of my thoughts.

“When I was in conversation with my self-care coach and in my self-care group, they brought up this idea of an early harvest and a late harvest. So if you think about the rhythms of when you harvest different plants, different fruits, and vegetables, some of them come early in the fall. So you get to enjoy them early in the summertime, earlier in the year. If you think about most of your berries and melons, those things are harvested during the summertime when the weather is quite hot. And then as you move into the cooler weather at the beginning of the fall, we start to get apples, and things like pumpkins and squash. Then as you move on later into late fall/early winter, you’re getting more of the heartier vegetables like greens and, I would say, collards, turnips. Those types of things, I believe carrots and beets come out in late fall/ early winter.

“If you think about the nutritional composition of those things, so early harvest would be those things that are sweeter, lighter in nutritional value, and then you get, as it goes alive and get those things that are more dense calorically. They have more of those concentrated vitamins and minerals. And so, if you just think about that from your business standpoint, as you put in your efforts, what are you harvesting early on? So if you think about that, that could be an early harvest, could be all the social media metrics. Some of those metrics relate to who is seeing you, how often are you being seen, and those are like those early efforts.

“And if you think about what your late harvest would be, that would be more along the lines of actual qualified leads that would turn into sales conversations and it would eventually be generating revenue that would be the late harvest. So if you think about your business and those terms, you definitely want to go through that period where you had the early harvest. But don’t spend a lot of time focused on trying to get that early harvest out. Go through it, go through the process. Use that early harvest in order to actually get to the late harvest, which is where you want to be generating revenue, generating consistent revenue, predictable revenue. So that your business actually continues to grow and it becomes a sustainable business and a way of actually supporting the life that you want to have.”

About Nikki: Nikki Rogers is a transformation coach assisting people and organizations to grow and become sustainable entities. She is an experienced management consultant that works to bridge gaps and create opportunities for all. Nikki supports strategic visions to co-create success with other leaders



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