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A strategic thinker, authentic relationship builder and independent, open-minded problem solver — Nora Crouch can do it all. As someone who builds long-term sustainable relationships, Nora is a firm believer in these √Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash

relationships being a key factor to a board’s success.

Building meaningful professional relationships is a valuable skill to have no matter what industry, or level at a company you are a part of- that is one of her firm beliefs.

We are discussing the value of building and having authentic relationships in the business world.

Nora, you have highlighted the importance of partnerships and building relationships. It is often said, ‘your network is your net-worth’! How have you maintained professional relationships over the years? How have these relationships contributed to your success?

“The importance of developing and maintaining relationships is something that became obvious to me while I was still in college. I attended an undergraduate program where professors were engaged daily working with, getting to know and mentoring students in a way that was not typical of that time. I had professors who took time to help me understand how my interests and talents could be applied in a professional setting. They encouraged me to see possibilities for myself that I would have not otherwise seen. This was instrumental to my becoming a CPA and beginning my career in public accounting.

“I was also very fortunate to have a number of people who showed interest in me early in my career. They willingly served as mentors and sponsors even before those words were commonly used in professional settings. Thirty-five plus years later, I am still in touch and remain friends with many of those early, key relationships. And now, I am able to be of service to them as much as they were, and still are of service to me.

“Having had these long standing and authentic professional relationships has been one of my biggest career definers and successes. These individuals were role models for me in many ways but, most importantly, in their commitment to helping others rising through the ranks. Mentoring and supporting others around me to achieve and succeed has become a fundamental part of my leadership style as a senior executive and remains an important part of how I spend my time nowadays.”

Thank you for sharing, Nora. This is truly a skill valuable at every level, in every profession, and industry.



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