Health Equity — Collaborators are Key to Greater Diversity — Richelle Webb Dixon

Richelle Webb Dixon, a proven executive in the healthcare industry, has an impressive track record in improving efficiency and productivity. Comfortable in a variety of settings, Richelle has had experience in hospital operations, ambulatory care, medical education, and as a community advocate. Her background has empowered her to build competent teams and embrace organizational priorities and vision. Richelle recently joint Froedtert Hospital as senior vice president and chief operating officer.

Richelle wrote an article for Health Progress — Journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States titled “Health Equity — Collaborators are Key to Greater Dievrsity”.

Read interesting excerpts from the article below or read the original article here.

“In the spring of 1993 while searching for a summer position during college, I saw a poster of an African-American boy with his hand resting on his chin which read: “African-Americans have the highest risk of preventable diseases and the least number of health care administrators.” Intrigued, I applied to the University of Michigan School of Public Health’s Summer Enrichment Program.

Through that program, I was introduced to health services administration and the need for diversity in the profession. Today, I am blessed to have served as a leader in this field for well over 20 years. Being a health care executive affords me the unique opportunity to serve others daily. I feel called to this profession and strive to make a difference in a system that at its best is confusing and costly for consumers. Can you imagine how confusing the system may be for those who lack financial resources, speak a different language or have diverse religious beliefs?

Diversity in health care leadership is essential. It is incumbent on executives today to become more inclusive and collaborative. A diverse leadership team ensures all backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities and perspectives are adequately represented; it allows us to provide culturally competent care for all. As our U.S. demographics continue to shift, health care leaders must embrace an ever-changing society. I believe we must continue to work toward increased diversity in thought, race, ethnicity and gender.”



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