The Power of Representation and Mentorship - in conversation with Steven Maurice Clark

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2 min readNov 9, 2023
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Mentorship plays a pivotal role in transforming the aspirations of students into attainable goals, especially for those without a precedent of higher education in their families. It offers a concrete pathway to medical careers, highlighting how representation and dedicated support systems are essential in guiding students through the complexities of medical education and towards their dreams.

Dr. Steven Maurice Clark, renowned for his expertise in general and bariatric surgery, brings over two decades of experience and a passion for mentorship in medicine. He offers his unique perspective on the vital role of mentorship in guiding future medical professionals.

Here is what Steven had to say —

“If a child can see herself in a position that no one in her family has ever reached, that’s proof of a real possibility that she can follow that dream. In the common situation where a student has no family members that have gone down this career path or have even attended a four-year university, seeing an individual who has, who can mentor you and give you advice, can make the possibility of becoming a doctor feel far more attainable. A mentoriii helps put a face on a career.

As a mentor myself, I help youths navigate their way towards medical school, such as by helping them decide on which extracurriculars will help prepare them the most and guiding them to engage in long-term thinking. It’s striking to me that the majority of African American physicians come from HBCUs, even though many attend PWIs — this demonstrates how representation and an adequate support system help students navigate the complicated path towards their dream career.”

Thanks for that interesting insight, Steven.



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