Being Unapologetically Yourself - Susan Chapman-Hughes

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3 min readJun 15, 2021
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Susan Chapman-Hughes was featured in Black Enterprise’s ‘Portraits of Power,’ a segment focused on high-achieving Black women.

A broad cross-section of women who have distinguished themselves across a rich variety of careers, our Portraits of Power series is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Black Enterprise, and of black women. It’s a place for today’s businesswomen to share their own favorite images and their own stories, in their own words. Today’s portrait is Susan Chapman-Hughes, an executive vice president at American Express and its global head of digital capabilities, transformation, and operations.”

Susan answered Black Enterprise’s prompts and discussed career, trying again, and being unapologetically herself.

“I’ve worked hardest at creating opportunities and connections for other people by leveraging and building my network. I’m always looking for ways to bring people to the table.

“I never imagined I would lead a global digital team. I grew up in the real estate industry, so while I always had a passion for tech, I never thought it would be my job.

“I wish I’d learned about corporate America sooner. The circumstances I had growing up, I didn’t even know what corporate America was let alone what to expect, so I had to learn about it as I was introduced to it. I wish I had learned the rules sooner to help me navigate more effectively over the years.

“When I’m struggling, I say to myself: I write myself a note of encouragement, remind myself to get some sleep, and try again the next day. I’m usually struggling because I’m tired.

“I am unapologetically Susan Chapman-Hughes! I wear my hair naturally, I don’t own a two-piece suit. I try to be myself all the time. Who you see on the weekend is the same person you see during the week.”

About Susan: Susan Chapman-Hughes is a connected leader with experience in several industries. As a growth strategist, she transforms traditional businesses into modernized digital models through driving engagement in various sectors and implementing revolutionary expansion strategies. Her interpersonal skills and relatable personality have allowed her to easily build trust and offer a people-centered approach to inclusive, empowering, and energizing leadership. She currently serves as an independent board director for Toast, Inc. and The J.M. Smucker Co.



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