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4 min readMay 3, 2022


Susan Gale — Art and design

New trends are constantly emerging in the hotel industry as competition increases. The latest trend is to incorporate “art” into a hotel’s business strategy. Although it may seem odd, “art” is an effective strategy to build a stronger brand for hotels. This article will explain how art and design can affect a hotel’s business and show you examples of hotels who have already implemented this strategy.

It isn’t really all that “out there” when we look at the trend. Modern businesses know that understanding what customers want and being able to deliver is crucial. A customer visiting your hotel is most likely seeking an “ experience”, which could be either of the local culture or just a relaxing getaway. Which one is true depends on your specific location and the demographic.

Art can be used to offer more than just a place to sleep at night for your customers.

This “art” goes beyond just a few photos in the lobby and rooms to aid with interior decorating. To add another dimension to the guest experience, some hoteliers have installed art installations in unusual places.

Is hotel art important in the hospitality industry

You might think that people won’t choose a hotel based solely on what is on the walls. Particularly if there are no coordinated prints in basic colors.

It is possible to make your guests’ experience more memorable and meaningful by including art into the experience. These types of experiences can result in high-quality reviews online and word-of mouth referrals.

While art might not seem to be a major selling point for hotels, it can help define the hotel’s identity as well as its competitive advantage when it is integrated into the overall business strategy.

As a business strategy, develop “art”.

The hospitality industry was, despite its name and tradition, very focused on transactions. For example, a customer might pay to stay at your hotel and you would provide a bed.

Modern customers expect more. They are more open to experiencing new things. What other experiences can your hotel offer than a room? You might consider art.

A hotel can incorporate local art or a prominent installation to make it part of its identity.

It makes sense to add art to your hotel experience. It is possible to see local art in your hotel instead of trying to squeeze in a visit at an art museum for busy travelers. Local artists can show their work to tourists so that they bring the art in, not the other way round. You are creating a cultural experience for them, in addition to your hotel experience.

This is a direct connection to another trend that we have become more familiar in recent years, the “bizcation.” These are business travelers who may stay a few days longer to enjoy their vacation. You can offer a unique experience at your hotel to increase your chances of capturing these types. They can book a stay at the property or visit an art museum.

If you have a very impressive art display, guests might prefer to spend their time at the hotel rather than visiting local museums. This will keep your guests on your property longer, so they’re more likely to visit your restaurant or coffee shop, and spend more money on your property.

You can keep hotel guests on your property and attract tourists, even though they may not be staying at your hotel. Each of these visitors can be a source of income for you, as well as opportunities to create an experience for them that will make them want to return to your hotel in the future.

Competitive advantage

You don’t have to include cheap reproductions or prints that are not compatible with your decor in your marketing strategy. Instead, create a unique design for your hotel and incorporate art into it.

A competitive advantage can be gained by having art in your hotel. This can be a way to differentiate yourself from your competition. It helps you to establish your brand and personality.



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