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Every generation an extraordinary figure captures the imagination of the design public, allowing us to dream and see what is heretofore impossible. That man of the moment is Alan Faena.

Raised in the restrictive regimes of 1960s Argentina, Alan Faena came of age when the country opened up to the West and Alan transformed himself into the icon of this new spirit, first as the founder of a popular Argentine fashion company, then as the hotelier of the highly sought-after FAENA hotels, in Buenos Aires and Miami. In each of the two cities Alan Faena did not simply build a hotel, but a whole universe of luxury design by working with the best talents of the day: Philippe Starck, Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster, Damian Hirst, and the film director Baz Luhrmann, among others. The results are immersive dream places, full of color, life, and high design.

Casa Faena

Casa Faena was built during the “Roaring Twenties,” when flappers, radios, and Art Deco were the defining elements of the age.

Casa Faena was founded in 1928 by El Paraiso Apartments. It had 18 units and 2 hotel rooms. Martin L. Hampton, a local architect, designed the charming property. Hampton was born in Laurens, South Carolina and raised at Columbia University in New York. He settled in Miami in 1914. Hampton was an expert in the Mediterranean Revival style and had traveled extensively to Spain. He adapted the style to the Florida landscape. Hampton was also responsible for many other buildings in Miami Beach including City Hall. Casa Faena was a Miami Beach property that the U.S. Army Air Forces leased during World War II. The building’s design and decor are rooted in Miami Beach’s Spanish architectural roots. They also have a Mediterranean flair. Casa Faena, a Miami Beach hotel, has created the ideal environment to explore the heart of America’s most popular destinations. Casa Faena, a stylish, comfortable, and relaxed hotel in Miami Beach, welcomes guests to a new Miami experience. It combines art and leisure in a cozy residential setting.

FAENA is a global brand that has made a significant impact in the hospitality and lifestyle industry. It offers a unique blend of a resort and hotel experience, as well as local history and deep cultural value. Faena has the ability to change the center of any destination’s gravitational force to create new communities and expand their cultural footprint.

Current properties in Miami Beach, Buenos Aires offer urban design expertise, bespoke architectural and innovative culinary concepts. Faena Districts offer experiential retail, healing, wellness, cutting-edge art and culture, as well as original entertainment.

Faena was founded by Alan Faena. It is a pioneer in its field and specializes in creating unique holistic environments that are anchored in cultural experiences. Faena’s projects, which are rooted in ideas and concepts that can shape and enhance the world, offer a platform for personal expression and cultural interaction.

Alan Faena and Len Blavatnik have been developing and transforming properties in Buenos Aires as well as Miami Beach into some the most desirable pieces of real property in Latin America and the United States since 2000.

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