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3 min readJan 19, 2023


One of the concerns many people have about why they don’t join NAXSA or why they didn’t renew their membership was they didn’t see the value that NAXSA brought to their companies. So one of the points I make is that you can’t say we don’t bring value if you’re not helping us create that value.

So that’s one thing we need to do is grow the membership and do it by letting people know that they have to be involved for them to realize the value they’re going to get from their membership.

We’re going to do a lot of reaching out. We’re going to ask the members to give us candidates that should be in the organization, and then the communication committee will seek out these people and engage with them and try to get them to join NAXSA.

We can be a strong organization that we need to be in order to complete our mission. The goal of NAXSA is zero deaths and injuries. We will reach that goal by making sure that all contractors are using shoring. That people are aware of the dangers of not using shoring. Educating contractors that they know if they’re trying to cut costs, there are other places they should be looking at… not with life-saving equipment.

The second thing that I want to focus on is the OSHA Alliance program. Other organizations like ours are part of this Alliance program and we will be able to bring more content. We’ll be on the Leading Edge of the information that OSHA puts out. We will have a liaison with OSHA to work with the designated person at NAXSA. And again, to help us bring much more value to our members and to the contractors that we all serve.

Kevin Maloy — President NAXSA

As 2022 ends, let’s reflect on a year of many accomplishments as an organization. Our website and monthly newsletter have become a go-to resource for our membership and for the underground construction industry. The NAXSA committees continue to work on your behalf, developing new products and processes to help improve our businesses and our ability to serve our customers.

The creation of “Ask NAXSA” and “Tips from the Trench” put critical information at our fingertips. And last but not least, NAXSA is very close to becoming an Alliance Partner with OSHA.

Our convention in Arizona is a little over a month away so register today to attend. There will be an entire day of presentations, committee breakout sessions, and networking. If you are interested in golf, don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for the golf tournament. The convention is a great time to reconnect with old friends and colleagues and to make new industry connections.

On a somber note, 2022 has been a disaster of a year for trench fatalities. In this day and age of an abundance of information regarding trench safety right in front of us on our computer screens and with protective equipment more readily available all across the country, I find it very difficult to believe that we are dealing with the highest number of cave-in deaths in recent history.

NAXSA must continue to do its part to educate and inform those who are digging trenches of the dangers and, more importantly, of the ease in which these tragic events can be avoided. We cannot lose faith that NAXSA’s goal of “zero deaths and injuries” is within reach if we continue our work and continue to work with other industry stakeholders.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the convention.



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