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2 min readAug 1, 2020

Great leaders cannot lead if there is no one to inspire, no stakeholders to influence, no ability to rise in the face of adversity and no realization that the mission is bigger than them.

As a principal in Deloitte Consulting, I am proud of the leaders who paved the way, navigated through tough times and transformed a failing practice. Their leadership may not yet be fully appreciated, but current leadership has provided a solid foundation that allows our practice to be a formidable competitor in the marketplace.

In conversation with Tonie Leatherberry
Tonie Leatherberry

When I mentor young women on ways to achieve the highest levels of success in their professional career, I encourage them to do three things:

1. Develop and continue to maintain the highest level of technical knowledge. Be known as one of the top “go-to” people. Understand who the movers and shakers are and position yourself to be on their team. Make sure you are seen as someone who is willing to give more than you take, and always offer to do so.

2. Know your business. Understand the market and related trends, the competitive landscape, how your organization is positioned for success and your relevance in the market ecosystem. Always maintain a roadmap for success and solicit input from others on how to navigate.

3. Be passionate and make your growth objectives known. Passion shines through and is infectious. When others see this kind of energy, coupled with talent and ambition, they will be more eager to invest in your success.

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