Navigating Technology: A C-Suite Challenge - Troy T. Taylor

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2 min readJan 15, 2021
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The rapid and transformational impact of technology will forever challenge C-Suite leaders and corporate boards on how they adjust and develop strategies for long-term success. All protocols will be impacted, such as: how you go to market, corporate governance, financial reporting, product development, operating systems, supply chains, employee engagement, commercial offerings, customer experience, regulatory and compliance systems, and more.

No corporate function will remain unchanged.

Everything will be interconnected:

- Data and its analytics will become the key to sustainability.

- Curated experiences will become the norm for customer and employee engagement.

- Artificial intelligence will augment and enhance human performance.

In an effort to digest and respond to these changes, most businesses may be better served by thinking incrementally in order to properly meet their business transformation objectives. Companies must understand which technology performs each type of task, create a prioritized portfolio of projects based on business needs and develop plans to scale up across the company.

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2020 and Deloitte’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the real world are two must-read for corporate leaders tasked with guiding their enterprises through the waters of technology and innovation.

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