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2 min readAug 30, 2021

I recently read an article, Why Company Culture Is Important for Your Business, by Empire Resume. As a global leader with a comprehensive understanding of how culture impacts people, company, and industry decision making processes, this article resonated with me.

My 25+ years of corporate experience has enabled me to gain expertise in the development and execution of winning strategies that have allowed businesses to scale profitably. An important aspect of those strategies is the company culture: promoting leadership and productivity, and focusing on individual employee development. Research shows that a diverse company culture goes a long way in improving employee efficiency.

The article highlights three such reasons as to why having a strong company culture is important to the success of your business.

The first reasons it discusses is the positive impact of a strong company culture on the company’s image and core values.

Developing a strong company culture helps build a positive image that will attract new employees. People are attracted to companies that have individuals who share similar values. When you showcase the culture that you promote in the workplace, it allows others to see how you treat employees and how you relate with others apart from what you do. This should all be incorporated in your online presence since it will show others what you value as a company.”

The second reason is the impact of a positive company culture on your employees.

“A positive work environment makes the 9–5 grind more enjoyable for employees. Help foster this type of atmosphere by setting clear expectations for your employees and the company. That not only applies to work goals, but how individuals should conduct themselves in the office. Be sure to then reward or recognize employees who meet or exceed their goals.”

The last reason for having a diverse company culture is fostering collaboration within the workplace.

“Employees like to feel part of something. Set goals for each department and reward them when they win. A little friendly competition to reach quarterly goals can keep things fun and exciting. Not only does collaboration help productivity and communication, it allows for a more enjoyable workplace.”

The article concludes that a diverse and well-developed company culture can drastically improve productivity in workplaces. Invest in your employees by aiding their professional and personal development, setting clear goals, rewarding them when earned, and making them feel valued. “A positive company culture will build your company image to attract and retain high-quality employees.”

You can read the original article here.



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