A playbook to get us all in the game — Women’s Campaign Fund

Women’s Campaign Fund

To date, more than 253 women and 228 people of color have filed to run as Republicans across the House map. That’s more than ever before, for both groups, in the GOP.

The numbers were announced by members of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the political organization that works to elect GOP members to the House. They are obviously gleeful, for partisan reasons, over the record number of diverse candidates.

We welcome this news, too, in our push toward #5050x2028. It shows us how an intentional focus on recruiting candidates for office, and dedicating resources to support and finance them, can bring more varied voices to leadership.

In this critical election year, let’s get off the bench and get moving to level the playing field with the best players:

  1. As a citizen, continue to monitor candidates vying for your vote to see what they stand for, beyond party. Do they represent your priorities?

Don’t settle for less! We are worth more.

Read the article here.



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